About Paladigm

Paladigm Capital – is an innovative asset and wealth management company that delivers best in class investment opportunities and wealth management setups in areas that we see value in. Paladigm Capital was founded with a vision of bringing clarity to an often noisy financial world so that our clients can make informed choices in order to effectively realize their wealth management objectives.

As an asset manager we chose to be based in Singapore and are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We believe it will provide our clients with the best access to innovative financial solutions while ensuring that their personal data is protected.


Silverdale is a recognized fixed income fund manager with a number of awards under their belt, including Best Absolute Return Low Volatility Fund 2016. Their core offering is a rare investment grade Bond Fund with a diversified high quality portfolio (minimum 65% Investment Grade, low duration) and embedded low-cost leverage. To further enhance our offering  we have made the portfolio fully transparent and added two distinct pricing mechanisms. These products are exclusively distributed by Paladgim Capital.

SP 12 Portfolio →

Paladigm Ventures is a fund focused on acquiring shares in private tech companies from early investors and employees. Our deal pipeline consists of only the biggest US tech companies and unique opportunities that are potentially close to a liquidity event.

Paladigm Capital offers integrated consulting and transaction advisory services from strategy through execution and value capture — bringing the most relevant capabilities, perspectives, and insights to our clients.

Currently, our deal pipeline is focused on Central Asia, South East Asia and Australia and is developed in partnership with Kazakhstan-Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Chamber (KAPTIC), Meinhardt Group Singapore and Starin Australia. We combine our intimate knowledge of Central and South East Asia and out strong partnership network to deliver access to some of the most unique untapped opportunities.







O: +65 6909 6131

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